LIDL Melinera Christmas LED Stripe wrong white color


I bought recently a LIDL Led Christmas stripe. It supports zigbee. I can control the light in the most cases, brightness, red, blue and green are displayed right.

But, trying to switch this stripe to white ends with the “wrong” white.
Using the HA- Card of the device or alexa creates a white mixed with the three RGB Leds. But this stripe has additional white leds. So you have to activate these to get a real white.

Within the Tuya App via an tuya zigbee bridge the white is correct, but using alexa or HA results in the wrong white.
White is a special work mode called “WHITE”.

There are also “COLOR” and “SCENE” workmodes available.

So setting to white need to change the Workmode to WHITE and not to COLOR.
Is there any chance to change this within HA?

I´m using the Lidl LED Stripe (TS0505A) in combination with ZHA. There I can switch to wihite without a problem. Only the colormaps of the native LIDL app unfortunately are not working.

There was some time ago also an error using white with ZHA, but now its solved:

What is the exact name/typ of your LED stripe? What hardware and software (version) do you use?

The Zigbeemodel is TS0601.

The control of the normal white leds is seperated the color leds. The original SmartLife app behaves the same way. Control normal white, or color mode with a white created by the RGB- Leds only.

Meanwhile i have manged to create a light template to compensate parts of the strange behavior. But there are still some glitches.