Life360 Device Tracker Platform


Released 2.3.0

Add optional home_place configuration variable as discussed above.


Released 2.3.1

Forgot to not add HA zones (if configured to do so) for Life360 Places whose name matches the new home_place configuration variable.


I don’t know what released I add but its was when DrZzs had his video come out on the night. were can I see what updates have been and done do I really need to update. as I see its an different away now. Thanks for all your work its works so good :slight_smile:


Life360 Release Notes

You can also use the Custom Updater to keep up to date, or at least be notified when new versions are available.


I Happy with it so better off not changing anything but hopefully home system will add you to the list for add it to HA.


Hey Phil!

This is just for letting you know your component had solved all presence issues in the core setup. After having finally convinced my 2 most reluctant siblings to install life360 on their phones, I have literally 0 false presence detections in the system left…

This has been a major pain, since many HomeAutomations rely on presence detection, especially the being Home part. Ever switching phones kept falsely triggering things and forced me to add conditions to the automation to prevent that.

All of which is now no longer necessary.
so Cool!

Thanks a zillion for this component which makes integrating Life360 easy as baking a Spekkoek. Or at least eating it.

Btw, the ones most wary of being tracked now keep telling me where they have seen me the last week…


Just Googled it. I’m guessing the latter! lol! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it’s working well for you. Yes, I agree, Life360 is pretty good and they deserve a lot of credit for what they’ve built. Let’s just hope they keep the (unofficial) REST API running!


do you only need the file in device_tracker now? You use to also need the file in the base custom_components folder, but that isn’t in your master branch anymore on your Git repository, is that not needed anymore?


Yes, that is correct. See installation instructions (especially the notes) for more details.

Correct, it is no longer required. It has been moved to the PyPI from which HA will automatically install it. (Or, at least it should. Some people have had issues with that. Not sure why. It might require an additional restart to work correctly. Also, if you’re using the Custom Updater, it also should take care of getting the package installed.) Once you have the new version working you should be able to safely delete custom_components/


I’d like to add my thanks too (but I haven’t googled Spekkoek yet :thinking:)

I must admit to not having taken the plunge to rely solely on it yet, I am still also using Google Location but part of the reason for that is that your other component the composite tracker makes it so easy to use more than one!

And while we are giving @pnbruckner some well deserved praise, the sun custom component is great too.

The only extra thing I can think of to ask for would be to have them included in core HA :wink: