Life360 very inaccurate

Again, like we found above, have you checked where your map application says you are compared to life360 ?
Or are you saying its a fault with apple devices ?

I’m saying it’s a fault with the Life360 app. Obviously part of its decision as to whether to update the life360 server is based on things like whether it deems motion has taken place. I find whenever I have a problem with the life360 app all I need to do to get the app to “wake up” is open the app, and that suddenly causes it to zoom in on my correct location and update the server, OR, on the odd occasion that isn’t enough, if I click the ‘refresh’ button in the app.

Actually I’ve just noticed another bug with the app. I know from Home Assistant’s logs that today the Life360 app has done a decent (but not great) job at keeping up with my movements. It’s clearly detected me leaving to walk the dog for an hour, and arriving at the gym at around lunchtime. I’m still at the gym, working in the cafe. However the Life360 app says “At Gym: Since 09:20”. Which just isn’t the case… 09:20 is when Life360 woke up to me being at home, I actually got home at 09:10.

Crucially, though, Mutt, even the iOS companion app which obviously uses the same GPS as life360 noticed I was home at 09:10. It’s saying something if even the companion app tracking is now more accurate/reliable than life360’s! :rofl:

Still - good news I guess for the companion app and those who use it. :grinning:

The other thing for me which confirms it for me that it’s the app not my phone which is at fault is the fact even the creator of the integration is (or was) having troubles with the life360 app.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

An update for any future browsers of this thread. I’ve now ditched life360 and removed it from my phone and my wife’s phone. Moved over to the truly excellent iCloud3 platform. This platform was besting life360 by 20 minutes or more 80% of the time recently and on no occasion was it itself bested by life360. Life360 USED to be spot on but has got worse and worse over the months I’ve had it installed. Feels so good to not be reliant on it anymore. Thanks Gary. @gcobb321