Lifx integration has failed

Last night, home assistant stopped being able to talk to all my lights. I suspect this may be related to upgrading to 2021.09.03 (I am running in docker, and use watchtower to upgrade my containers automatically). Restarting does not bring the lights back. They continue to be on the network and accessible using my flic buttons so I am confident that the problem is to to with home assistant. I have log entries as follows:

2021-09-05 09:41:58 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.helpers.service] Unable to find referenced entities

Nothing else useful appears to be in the logs, and all the lights are showing as “unavailable” in Lovelace. Can anyone help, please?

Are you using the legacy integration?

It was discontinued in 2021.6

I don’t think so. If I try to add a new lifx integration from the UI, it pops up a message saying “only one instance of this integration can be configured”.
I am able to access the colour wheel, brightness and colour temperature controls from the UI when it’s working.

Reverting to 2021.8 does not seem to fix anything, unfortunately. All the lights continue to show as unavailable.

The integration has spontaneously started working again two days later. I have no idea why.

And disappeared again after I restarted the server.

A quick tcpdump on my system reveals that while home assistant is still sending broadcast packets, responses are no longer showing up on the local network interface. I cannot rule out some sort of OS update breaking things (the machine itself runs Proxmox 6), but this is not explicable to me. The HA server is on a bridged network interface as the machine also hosts a couple of VMs, but I still really have no idea what changed, nor why I had an intermittent recovery a while back.

Does the light respond to the official Lifx app?

You can have both the app and Home assistant connected, no issues about that breaking things.

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Yes. The lifx bulbs respond to the app, to the flic buttons, and to control from an LG TV. It’s only home assistant that is experiencing the problem.

For the time being at least, this has disappeared after I rebooted the wifi AP. Best guess is a bug in the AP firmware, but that’s still very speculative.

I think I have a similar to your issue:

but only with 1 bulb out of 20 I have.
Same behavior, HA broadcasting but no response from Lifx bulb: also in my case the bulb shows online in the app and I can ping it from the HA machine (i.e. from SSH webterminal of the HS add-on)

I am also running Hass OS undert proxmox.