LIFX Smooth Color changing

Good day,

I’ve two LIFX bulbs that I’ve successfully integrated into Home Assistant.

I would like to create the same smooth color transition between two colors. Right now, when using the LIFX app on iOS, when changing color, it is done smoothly. When changing the color through HA, it changes right away to the right color without any transition… it find the smooth change much better than the rough one HA is providing me. Any thoughts?

Thank you!

Ok, I found how to change color smoothly using the Services tab in the developer tools section of HA.

I’ll write down what I’ve found.

entity_id: light.[LIFX BULB #1], light.[LIFX BULB #2] ...
transition: 1
color_name: red

This will change all the specified lifx bulbs to Red in a 1-sec transition.

It is working perfectly. But now, how to implement in lovelace?

I have the “default” behavior for RGB bulbs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

You could create an entity-button card (or use the highly configurable custom:button-card) and have the tap-action as ‘call-service’, putting the service as something like:

service: light.turn_on
  entity_id: light.lifx1, light.lifx2, light.lifx3
  transition: 1
  color_name: red

Oh! Great idea… will definitely have a look at this solution! Never had to deal with ‘call-service’ before… hopefully everything will be working fine! :wink: Thanks for your input! :slight_smile: