Light icon disappears when changing brightness


There is a post about this, but my problem is not related.

Whatever if I use slider-entity-row, entities or custom-card, I have the same behavior.

As soon as I change the brightness, the lovelace icon disappears. When I set to 0 or 100%, the icon is displayed.

I look at the html code, and there is a brightness value set in percent. What’s strange, the value reported is over 100%.

I did use the default settings for every card, and tried all together and they all update the same

Any thought on the stupid mistake I would do


Whats the brightness on your light, not percentage? What integration is the light coming from?

Little more details

The light is coming from the ISY994i, in this case, insteon devices. I do not have to define a light entities, they are automatically generated and I could see their state.

My issue is only with the icon, everything else is working, if I use the slider, the lights dim or bright accordingly but the icon disappears.

If I go on the insteon interface, and I dim the light, I could see the icon. With an expected faded color.

The brightness value of the light is from 0 to 255, confirmed from the state information.

I reduce my lovelace to a minimum and it still behave the same.

My setup is up to date, hassio, integrations, plugins, etc.

are you using a theme?

Just to be sure it is not interfering, I just remove the theme entry in my configuration.yaml and restart, same problem.

Note that after I did restart, one of the light was at 30% and it did display a dimmed lightbulb. But as soon as I change the brightness, it disapears

Well I’m not sure. I think you should report a bug with home-assistant-polymer. That brightness filter % shouldn’t be above 1.

Actually exactly the same behavior for 2021.9.3 right now:


I have never used any skins.

same issue here. it only happens with the built-in light card though. Entity cards are fine. The icon will come and go. On start, it is never there, but if I go to another tab on that dashboard, and come back, the icon will appear. Driving me crazy…

For me any cards is the same behaviour. Light, and entity light cards… all white at white background if on.