LightwaveRF Gen 2 with HA?

I’m thinking of buying the Gen 2 LightwaveRF Link (hub) along with some dimmer switches, and wondered what’s the status of the Gen 2 LightwaveRF Link with Home Assistant at the moment?

I looked in the past and saw people interested in HA integration and starting work on integrating the Gen 2 link with Home Assistant, but not sure if anyone actually finished working on it and got it up and running?

I guess if no one completed HA integration then I could just use LightwaveRF with Home Assistant via HomeKit, with either Homebridge or the new ‘built in’ HomeKit integration?

One other ‘general’ question for anyone with the Gen 2 LightwaveRF Link.
I believe it shows the status of lights in the default iOS Home app? Does it also show what brightness the lights have been set at, or only ‘off’ or ‘on’?

Hey @jono!
Sorry I only just saw your message on the other thread.

I just posted a message about my progress with the Gen2 Link Plus today:

In short, I’m not getting very far… Home Assistant sees it, but it shows up as one, single light device.
It seems to turn on my Kitchen Light, but as that’s the only Gen2 device right now, I don’t know if that’s it just turning on “the hub” and therefore everything, or if it’s just showing the one device because that’s all I have.

Either way, at the moment, the switch for it in Home-Assistant turns itself off immediately, so it’s not possible to control completely.

With regards to the system in General, it’s not bad. You can pair Gen1 lights to it, but they will only show up in the Lightwave App, not HomeKit. Therefore I’ve stuck to keeping my Gen1 lights controlled directly by Home Assistant using an RFXCOM device.

Gen2 lights do show their status, including dimming level in the iOS HomeKit, “Home” app, sort of. It’s not consistent for me. Sometimes it will remember, sometimes it won’t. Maybe this will get fixed in an update, but I’m not sure.

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No problem. And great, thanks for the info! :+1:t3:

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