LightwaveRF UK dimmers & switches

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The products

Adds motivation to LightwaveRF dimmer and switch support


Thanks @robmarkcole I have always liked LightwaveRF for the fact they offer a good range of products for the UK market. The deal breaker for me was lack of two way communication. This announcement is fantastic for the UK. I was keeping an eye on den but the have not posted any new information since April. They were supposed to realease their products in September. If they do it could help with competitive pricing between the two companies.

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They have a hub, so hopefully an API too

I originally opted for the Energenie plugs as they were cheaper and also didn’t offer two way communication
Won’t be investing any more into them until these are released!

Great news I use these with an RFXCOM. Wonder if the new gen will continue to be compatible with RFXCOM. I would love to have 2-way communication on my switches that use these

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I think the newer stuff uses a different frequency, hence the new hub

crazy expensive!

PDF Price List New Gen

Have to keep an eye out for Amazon deals, or take out a second mortgage… :joy:
Will be interesting to see if the RF codes can be sniffed, and dispense of the £130 hub for a £2 rf receiver from Amazon

Thanks @badgerhome for the update on price.

They have just priced their products out of my money. I see lots of deals for products in the USA that seam reasonably priced even with our rubbish exchange rate. I wish we had more choice and competition in the UK. It would drive down cost and lead to better products.


They have a monopoly in the UK, also they’ve told me the frequency will no longer be 433 and will now be 868mhz.


Only benefit is that the old stuff might come down in price with the new stuff coming out. But frankly I’ll be moving away from LWRF a fast as my budget allows me to replace things with hue and wifi plugs! Only pain is no neutrals in my house.

oh blimey, that’s expensive! :frowning:

For those that are interested, mine arrived today…

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For anyone that has the Generation 1 LightwaveRF here is a custom component that I built to add them in.

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