Linked Google Home through DuckDNS, now dashboard is empty

I finally got my Google account linked to my Home Assistant, and suddenly my main menu dashboard is no longer showing up.

When I open it, none of the button cards show up. If I edit the dashboard, they are still there, and if i look at the YAML, nothing seems to have changed.

This is made of a combination of horizontal stacks, vertical stacks and button cards.

The only change I did was to enable the Google, is there something that I could have changed that would prevent the button cards from showing? I also applied the latest Core update this morning, but that was the first thing I did, and I believe the buttons were still working after that update.

I found this, I’ll look into whether this fixes my issue.

Ok, that did fix the issue, changing one of my settings from ‘Auto’. Took me a while to find it, i was looking under ‘Settings’ and ‘Users’, forgot to check the profile at the bottom of the sidebar as I really haven’t had to make any changes to that in a long time.