Linky (EDF) Electricity Meter in France

There used to be Linky Electricity Meter integration for ENEDIS or EDF in France (e.g. Linky sensor: add hourly sensor). But now there isn’t. I think ENEDIS or EDF stopped access to their API? (Suivre sa consommation électrique dans Home Assistant - Antoine Guilbert)

With the release of 2021.8 I’d like to track electricity consumption from my supplier EDF. Does anyone have any clue about how to do this in France with a Linky meter?


For info when it was avalaible the API access was very often down and it was not really working in a reliable way :frowning: I would expect nothing more than usual ineficciency for such stuffs in france :frowning: Might be an easirr and more reliable way to use traditional power meter loop you put on main power supply cable :confused:


Thanks Vincèn. I might try that if I cant get the Linky to work. I found this: Enedis Gateway - #17 par pepite - Entraide Home Assistant - Home Assistant Communauté Francophone which explains the problem is due to ENEDIS policy, but there is a workarond thanks to this guy’s benevolence. So I have to learn Node Red or I have to learn about power meter loop. Unless, that is, Nabu Casu can convince ENEDIS to do the honourable thing and make a decent API platfom for end users.

Maybe don’t rely on any cloud/api from the provider, and go with klaasnicolaas/home-assistant-glow: :zap: The power of energy measurements in your house ( instead?

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Hey FYI I just found a product that can be pluged into the linky box and communicates with Home-Assistant through zigbee 3.0 : ZLinky_TIC

(also on domadoo)


i dont understand why this api are not correctly available, because is an obligation. make this information available to tiers party but not for individual…
the french law oblige to make this informations available for individual…

the decret say that must be available as “an open standard, easily reusable and usable by an automated processing system”.


Hi !

I just released the HA Linky Add-on, which you can use to sync your Energy dashboard with your Linky meter using Conso API :zap:

I also have created a topic (in french) on the HACF forum if you want to check it out.


I was able to talk to Enedis a few months ago, showed them the law and asked them about it.

They said that they are legally OK, because they do provide a way for customers to share their data to third parties (for example, is one of these third parties).

According to what they said to me, they don’t have to allow any third party, they can choose their own rules to decide if a third party is allowed or not in their system.

They decided that they only want to allow legal corporations to be third parties. It sucks but its it’s legally OK according to them.

I’m not sure they are right, but it’s another story !

This makes me think: how did you get thie “third party” approval from Enedis?
To me, even if it is legal to only allow a limited number of chosen third parties, there should be an open and transparent way to become one of these third party, like an Open Call (Appel d’Offre?) or something.

Can you tell us more about what you had to go through to make available?


Enedis Linky meter is a type of smart meter deployed by the French electricity distribution network operator, Enedis. These meters are designed to replace traditional electromechanical meters in households and businesses across France.