Lirc, docker and NUC

I have HA installed in docker in a NUC. I want to use its IR sensor to send commands. I had all this workin in a Raspberry PI (without docker) and it was working fine.

I have installed lirc as it is explained at : but I had the following erros at HA log:
2019-03-23 23:04:30 ERROR (SyncWorker_9) [homeassistant.util.package] Unable to install package python-lirc==1.2.3: Failed building wheel for python-lirc
Command “/usr/local/bin/python -u -c “import setuptools, tokenize;file=’/tmp/pip-install-5g_64r_g/python-lirc/’;f=getattr(tokenize, ‘open’, open)(file);’\r\n’, ‘\n’);f.close();exec(compile(code, file, ‘exec’))” install --record /tmp/pip-record-9o8pc9dk/install-record.txt --single-version-externally-managed --prefix --compile --user --prefix=” failed with error code 1 in /tmp/pip-install-5g_64r_g/python-lirc/
2019-03-23 23:04:30 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.requirements] Not initializing lirc because could not install requirement python-lirc==1.2.3
2019-03-23 23:04:30 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Setup failed for lirc: Could not install all requirements.

Do I have to do something special to allow HA in docker to access lirc?


Hi, the problem seems to be the installation of python-lirc package. I have found a solution here, but my OS is Raspbian Buster, so maybe you have to adapt some commands to your installation

Hi Franz,

Thank for the information. I will test it. Now I have a little bit different installation. I have installed Docker under a a container of Proxmox.