List of lights that support Transition

Could we put together a list of lightbulbs that support the Transition parameter?

I bought a 6-pack of bulbs not long ago thinking that transition time was handled by Home Assistant and would work with any bulb, but the new bulbs completely ignore transition time and change immediately when set. I’d like to gradually dim the lights as bedtime approaches, and have already tried using a script. Even when doing 1% increments, it flickers and doesn’t lend itself to easily change transition time.

I’ve since learned that some bulbs handle dimming in firmware, however this doesn’t appear to be an advertised feature. Philips Hue and LIFX work with transitions and that’s all I had until I purchased the Cree bulbs, which do not.

I’m looking specifically for Zigbee bulbs, but feel free to comment on any type of bulb.

Oddly, the Cree bulbs brighten and fade in a sinusoidal pattern during setup, so clearly some sort of hardware dimming is implemented, but neither the Cree Connected nor TuyaSmart apps offer any option to turn off or change color over time.


By posting your question as a Feature Request, you’re effectively asking someone else to create and manage the list.

Given that it’s your idea, why not start the list, in a new topic, and ask others to report what they know supports transition and you can append it to the list.

Otherwise, if this Feature Request is to have someone (be it a member of the development team or a volunteer) purchase and test a variety of devices in order to create the list, well, that’s unlikely to ever happen.

BTW, it’s not only light bulbs that support transition but certain brands/models of dimmer switches (for example, UPB dimmer switches).

You might find an ally in making that liat with this fella Please help - Light fade transition not working for Zigeeb light dimmer

Thanks! I’m happy to maintain the list - I changed the category to Uncategorized. I was half expecting somebody to just link to exactly what I was looking for despite hours of searching…

By the way, be very precise with your list. Some Cree bulbs do work with transition. Eg this one. CREE Connected 60W Soft White Dimmable Bulb (B00TN589ZG) Zigbee compatibility

I can tell you that Ajax online A60 pro do not which I was really not happy with as they are really expensive. Also linkind do not and Innr white. Has anyone tried Innr comfort or colour?

After a lot of trial and error I would recommend IKEA bulbs to anyone they are great value, great quality, zigbee (zha +zigbee2MQTT) and support transition.

Any updates? Where can I find this list?

Which Ikea bulbs, specifically?