Livolo integration

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Hello, i want to build new house with nice livolo zigbee switches, sockets and temperature senzors… I prefer to use zigbee2mqtt. But for now only supported is socket and switches… Unfotrunately i impossible pair temperature sensor:

i use chanel 26 and ext pan id by instructions.

I was thinking about original livolo gateway

unfortunately home assistant dont have native support livolo gateway and also i found this plugin but is for old gateway…:

anybody some idea? At the weekend i saw all internet by google, and no find out simple solution, passtrought by cloud solution azon alexa or google assistant i dont want…

thank you in advance

Hi, I am also interested in this subject. Did you finally find a solution?

Hi, unfortunately, nobody answear… Not so much people know this nice hardware… Definitely for this problem i buyed other hardware to my new house… :frowning: :frowning: