LIVOLO Wi-Fi touch switch integration

Im new to HA and i really love it
I would appreciate help regarding Livolo smart light touch switches that are controlled by Wi-Fi Livolo Home app.
Here’s the link for one of the switches:

The switches themselves are great but their app is unbearable and cant be integrate with anything
I want to connect the switches to Home Assistant.
I wanted to order smart modules that I would put behind these switches such as Shelly 1PM or Sonoff
will it work? If not, I would be happy for another solution. Is there an integration that connects to HA?
Please help me I can’t find a solution to the problem
Thank you very much!

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Livolo zigbee switchies.
Livolo integration.

Please check for similar topics before posting the same thing again.

It appears you will have to connect the device to a coordinator before you can use it in Home Assistant.

Thanks for answering and sorry for the double posting.
As for the switches, these switches are not zigbee
they support wifi only and can be controlled only by the app

I would look at Tuya then. See if you can control them from the Tuya phone app and if you can, HA can control them. Many things from mrgrs known and unknown have the Tuya chip-set.

Ill try but if it doesnt work can i use shelly 1pm or similar smart module?

Anyone have an idea? Can I use a smart module?