Livolo zigbee switchies

I am pulling my hair off to get this wall switch working.
It’s a Livolo VLC701Z ( one gang wall-mount touch switch ) that claims to support Zigbee.
I am running HA with a Conbee II stick, and already having a bunch of different vendors Zigbee devices working as per expected.

Did anyone succeeded to get this type of switch connected to HA ?
I am about to buy the Livolo hub if needed, but i cannot see an integration available so far.
The plan was to buy these type of switchies for all the house, but I have the feeling that would not be a good ideea, and I should consider a different vendor switch - if any suggestions, i would really appreciate.
Please let me know your thoughts.
Thank you,

All over my house I have plenty of those:

I use one and two gang versions and I am very satisfied.
Cheap, reliable, nice looking, works with or without neutral line with just one led bulb minimum.
I control them via zigbe2mqtt.
Good product, I can recomend it to anybody.

Thank you so much Igor, i think this is what I was looking for.
I shall aquire and test these sw’s.


Hi Igor, could you kindly share any detail on how to integrate with home assistant ? I bout a sensor but I was unable to see it in the list automatically as for other brands (tuya,sonoff, aqara). Any informaion will be very welcome!!! Specifically my model livolo VL-C9FJZ-2WP (noise and light sensor). Thanks a lot!

For zigbee I am using zigbee2mqtt integration and it handles those devices.

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Thanks a lot!!! I will try n the weekend!

Hello, did you manage to connect Livolo to Home Assistant?
I’m planning on starting my house automation soon and I really like the look/fell on the Livolo products.

Based on what you said it should be compatible but you also dont tell us what Zigbee software you are running (Deconz, Z2Mqtt, ZHA).
The site also has slightly different versions of that above board listed such as:

Which is ONLY compatible with Z2MQTT.

(This is why I binned Deconz for my Conbee and use Z2MQTT - You get the best hardware and widest compatibility)

I’ll probably use Z2Mqtt and I would like to integrate the following Livolo products:

For the socket I see they also have a Wi-Fi Module, don’t know which is best.

On the Livolo App on my phone I see 2 Gateways, the normal one, and a version 3. But I can only find the normal one in the shop.

But using the Z2MQTT i won’t need their gateway at all?


You need to check those items are compatible with z2mqtt (if that’s what you want to use) here:

If not then they won’t work.

Anything that is marked as being WiFi definitely won’t work with zigbee though.

Hi All,
I up this topic, I own few Livolo switches and they gateway, is exists a solution to drive them without livolo cloud ?

Mainly switches are : VL-C702Z-11

ps : sorry for my english :slight_smile: