Livolo zigbee switchies

I am pulling my hair off to get this wall switch working.
It’s a Livolo VLC701Z ( one gang wall-mount touch switch ) that claims to support Zigbee.
I am running HA with a Conbee II stick, and already having a bunch of different vendors Zigbee devices working as per expected.

Did anyone succeeded to get this type of switch connected to HA ?
I am about to buy the Livolo hub if needed, but i cannot see an integration available so far.
The plan was to buy these type of switchies for all the house, but I have the feeling that would not be a good ideea, and I should consider a different vendor switch - if any suggestions, i would really appreciate.
Please let me know your thoughts.
Thank you,

All over my house I have plenty of those:

I use one and two gang versions and I am very satisfied.
Cheap, reliable, nice looking, works with or without neutral line with just one led bulb minimum.
I control them via zigbe2mqtt.
Good product, I can recomend it to anybody.

Thank you so much Igor, i think this is what I was looking for.
I shall aquire and test these sw’s.


Hi Igor, could you kindly share any detail on how to integrate with home assistant ? I bout a sensor but I was unable to see it in the list automatically as for other brands (tuya,sonoff, aqara). Any informaion will be very welcome!!! Specifically my model livolo VL-C9FJZ-2WP (noise and light sensor). Thanks a lot!

For zigbee I am using zigbee2mqtt integration and it handles those devices.

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Thanks a lot!!! I will try n the weekend!