Local Integration to LEDVANCE Smart+ WIFI

The LEDVANCE lineup is great collection of lights.
They are fairly priced, and of good quality.
LEDVANCE is based on Tuya, but LEDVANCE will not open up to the Tuya platform.
They will however very much like to have their stuff integrated into Home Assistant, their problem is that they don’t have the manpower available
They have worked together with SmartThings and Homey, and the SmartThings integration has launched (cloud based) which can be used to integrate it into Home Assistant in a weird and wonderfull way: LEDVANCE integration - this is how to do it as per 03/22
Homey will be launched shortly, and that integration has been done by Homey, in cooporation with LEDVANCE.
Home Assistant can’t be left behind here, it is too good a collection of lights to not have an integration diretcly to LEDVANCE, hopefully local, but secondary via the cloud.

So my request is that you create a local integration to the LEDVANCE lights. If need be, I can put you in contact with the proper people at LEDVANCE.

+1 for well over 20+ LEDVANCE lights in my home, any movement on this topic? Regret buying these pre-Home Assistant, to now realise they don’t actually work with this beast of a smart home automation platform.

Nope, no movement, but there is a very good workaround:LEDVANCE integration - this is how to do it as per 08/22

Considering that manufacturers tend to be uncontactable, this is refreshing and would give me confidence in buying from this brand … if they had a Home Assistant integration.

I wonder why the integration doesn’t just exist already.
Do the lamps not offer an HTTP API? If they do, damn near anyone should be able to whip something up.

Other posts on this forum seem to indicate that Ledvance is not a great company and you can’t expect support from them. Bummer because I like the lamps. Guess I’ll try the Zigbee versions.