Local Tuya - Fan Controller

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I’m trying to get Local Tuya setup for these fan controllers from Amazon. I’ve set them up in the TuyaSmart app and can get them to show up in the Local Tuya integration. I can also get them to turn on/off, but that’s it. There are options to set speed controls, but no docs that I can find on what setting maps in what direction, that kind of thing.


Any suggestions?


Did you go through the whole process of getting your local key?

Yep! Have it set up, I’m just only able to control on/off, not fan speed.

I would ask here then:

I know assigning the attributes to entities was confusing so maybe try to re-configure it.
It says it supports fans so maybe it’s just an issue of selecting the correct attribute while re-configuring it.

Yeah, I think that’s the trick. I haven’t seen a “key” to what each attribute means, so I’ve been guessing. I’ll see if I can get some help on the repo.