Local Tuya is not working after upgrade to Home Assistant core 2023.8.3

Hi Everyone,

I’m using Local Tuya ( with yaml in the file editor) until now no any issue but i upgraded to Core 2023.8.3 and now looks like it’s not working anymore. Is there any idea about that?

I have updated to HA 2023.8.3 and LocalTuya is working fine for me but all my devices are configured via the UI and not YAML.
I’m not sure if LocalTuya supports configuration via YAML anymore. It looks like LocalTuya v3 could be configured by YAML but that has changed with the newer versions:

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same here, local tuya still work perfectly but I used the UI config

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In this case, problem is looks like only yaml config. I have some of smart plugs and one lamp. Yaml config very easy. UI config a little bir complex for me. Are you using a smart plug as a tuya? If yes how do you install by UI? If the smart plug measures electricity consumption, can you get this feature via the UI?

Which tuya devices do you use? Do u have smart plug?

I have a number of light bulbs, an air quality monitor, an air purifier and a couple of smart plugs all setup in LocalTuya.

The Smart Plugs I have are Crest branded and the details are on this link:

I setup all my devices following the documentation for LocalTuya:

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only wifi lamps, 4 reccessed led panels, that I truly regrets buying, because they are Tuya and I hate Tuya :slight_smile: What I hate more than Tuya is the company that is selling these led lamp under another brand name stating that they are 100% made in Canada. LOL

Clearly made in China, rebranded in Canada and packaged in a different box branded ‘‘Illume’’ and using the ‘‘Dals Connect’’ app which is a clone of Tuya Smart app

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Honestly, I don’t like tuya too much either :smiley: But i tested zigbee smart plugs, I can’t say that they are very stable. At least it’s not stable for me.

I’ve switch over from Local Tuya to Tuya Local, there are already so many device integrations, best of all if your device is not yet supported, just send a request to add. All devices use a YAML file which can be tinkered with.
Already, TUYA LOCAL supports devices that LOCAL TUYA can not support and will not.

Are you adding devices via yaml file? Could you share with us some pictures ?

Sure, firstly check out the TuyaLocal Github, GitHub - make-all/tuya-local: Local support for Tuya devices in Home Assistant
There are hundreds of devices already added, and yes all yaml files, so you can tweak if you wish.

As an example of a device that I requested to added and helped debug. It was a smart siren.
In TUYA this what you get:

Useless, can’t control much just switch siren on or off and temp/humidity.

While in TuyaLocal you get the following;

So as you can see, heaps more features, just like the mobile app.
Different tones are selected via the HA service call where tone, duration and loadness are selected.
Works great now…
Just give it a go!!

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Since I have updated to HA 2023.12.1 and LocalTuya is not working well for me, but all my devices are configured through the UI. And until yesterday they worked (and work with SmartLife). However, with HA I cannot change the plug state. Any solution?

Hello again… today curiously it works correctly… a question? I understand that it does not depend on the cloud? In the free API it says maximum 10 devices… Thank you

I’ve added my first Tuya device to HA- air dehumidifier. But I can’t control anything via HA, eg pressing “on” doesn’t take any effect, button is grayed again after few seconds. State is not shown, when I manually turn on the device.

In Tuya IOT device is marked as “permission - read”, but I don’t know if it is important.

In HA logbook I can see when the device was manually turned on or off.