LocalTuya only detects 4 devices out of 17

I have recently discovered and installed HA especially to use my devices with the LocalTuya integration in order to manage all my Tuya devices locally (hopefully!).

The problem here is that out of 17 Tuya devices that I own, only 4 get detected automatically by LocalTuya. None of my door sensors, for example, gets detected.
I have read a lot about how to install devices manually. I have retrieved the mac address, IP address, id, key and even DPs for all the devices that are missing but as soon as I try to manually install one, everything goes wrong, the integration won’t respond anymore, and I need to restore my latest working backup to recover the installation.

I’m probably doing something wrong, but I really can’t understand what.
I select Configure → “add a new device” → “…”
Then I fill in all the required information, including DPs (if I don’t add DPs, the system says that it couldn’t retrieve them and adding the device fails): this is what I’ve retrieved regarding the door sensor DPs from Tuya’s website:

  "result": {
    "category": "mcs",
    "functions": [],
    "status": [
        "code": "doorcontact_state",
        "dp_id": 1,
        "type": "Boolean",
        "values": "{}"
        "code": "battery_state",
        "dp_id": 3,
        "type": "Enum",
        "values": "{\"range\":[\"low\",\"middle\",\"high\"]}"
  "success": true,
  "t": 1676912199051,
  "tid": "8ae4797ab13f11ed954a4e3668f00a74"

So I add “1, 3” in the field “Manual DPS to add”.

So far it should be correct. But then? I guess the problems start when specifying the entities. What should I specify?