LocalTuya/tuya-local vs ZHA/Z2M for Tuya Zigbee devices

Hello everyone,
I have a MOES Star Ring Zigbee Curtain Switch paired to my Zemismart ZMHK-01 hub.
I’m using HomeKit to control my home, with Home Assistant filling in the blanks and powering some advanced automations.
Because the curtain switch doesn’t show up in HomeKit, I thought about pairing it with Home Assistant and controlling it from there.

However, I’m very confused with how all the local Tuya integrations are working.
Because my hub supports HomeKit and I can operate it locally, it was never connected to the Tuya servers or the Tuya app.

I installed LocalTuya and tuya-local through HACS and they all seem to require the app to be connected and then you retrieve keys to connect.

What I struggle to understand is, if the devices are constantly linked to the Tuya Cloud, what is the point of making a local connection (beyond the speed increase)?
It seems like it would decrease the security of my home. And if I link my hub to Tuya to get the keys and then disconnect the hub from the Tuya app, would I still be able to locally control the devices?

Are the local Tuya integrations mainly for WiFi devices? Can it control devices paired to my hub? or maybe a better solution would be connecting a Zigbee USB adapter to Home Assistant and using ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT or Zigbee2Tasmota?

I also have a ESP32-C6 that I might be able to flash into a Zigbee gateway, if anyone can point me to a guide for it since I haven’t found someone that succeeded yet.

Sorry for all the questions :sweat_smile:
Looking forward to your recommendations :slight_smile:
Thanks, Sl :slight_smile:

Zigbee network depends heavily on its mesh networking technology so best is always to try to have all your Zigbee devices connected to the same Zigbee network, (and Zigbee devices can only be connected to a single Zigbee network / Zigbee Coordinator / Zigbee Gateway), so I recommend using either the built-in ZHA (Zigbee Home Automation) integration or Zigbee2MQTT (Z2M) with ITead’s Sonoff ZBDongle-P (Texas Instruments CC2652P based) Zigbee Coordinator USB radio adapter which can work with either of those, (but note that it can not work with both at the same time and there is not easy or seamless migration between them). Check out therese community guides:





There are no guides or integrations yet for Zigbee support in ESP32-C6 as it is cutting-edge so currently only skilled C-developers with loads of time can use it via Espressif’s SDK → GitHub - espressif/esp-zigbee-sdk: Espressif Zigbee SDK