Locate snapshot files from sd card


Yesterday i rebooted my RPi without making any changes and hass.io wont boot up. I cant not reach it through samba or ssh. My snapshots are only stored inside hass, bad choice now i guess. Is there a way to recover the snappshot files bye pluging in the sd card to my computer, runs windows, and retrive it, where should it be located?

Thanks in advance

Same ting happend to me yesterday. (without changes) On which version are you running? im on 0.81.6

Dont remember, 0.8x something.

Same thing here!

Maybe there is something we can do without having to reinstall everything. do you have ssh access?

No ssh access or samba

Same here…

I had the same issue. This post should help.

Haven’t tried taking the sd card out a physically putting it in my laptop but if I ssh to my PI, I find the snapshots in /backup.

@Dixey that is great if ssh or samba access is still working. But mine isn’t.
Setting up an external backup location now to USB drive, so this won’t happen again.

I’ve been backing up my snapshots to dropbox, and while it works, I can only see the contents if no password is set.

If a password is set it seems impossible to extract the contents of the compressed file

What I did was to make a ubuntu live-cd on a USB and was able to read all volumes on the Pi and got the files I needed.

Now I have automated a snapshot take that is uploaded to dropbox.

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I had the same issue after running an update in Hass.io. Judging from what I had in the error log lots of people have had issues around Nov (to Dec if you have not done every version’s updates) and we are all struggling. Glad I found this post to locate my backups as others are saying they did a clean install and then restored a backup.