Location problems using iOS companion app


I have two iPhone XS devices setup and recognized by the system and have identical setups in the companion app and best I can tell on the phones as well. One phone is processing location updates using background fetching perfectly. The other refuses and gets regularly errors that the app is “ignoring location with accuracy over threshold.Accuracy: 1414m”. Other apps on the same phone confirm GPS accuracy on the phone is just fine and I can manually send a location update to the server through the app without issues. I’ve checked everything I can think of that might be causing the issue, but i’m at a loss.

I realize there are other methods/apps I can use for device tracking, but I would prefer figure this out and have one less separate component to get this setup working I’m wondering if anyone else has come across this issue and has any ideas how I can get around it.


Edit: I have already removed the app from the phone, removed it from HA and reinstalled.


I noticed the same thing in the HA app trying to get the iCloud3 add-on working. Life360 reports accuracy just fine to HA (using that add-on as well).


I removed both devices, deleted .ios.conf and known_devices.yaml and re-set them up. Now both devices don’t properly communicate location and throw the same “accuracy” error. I"m wondering if HA 0.88 broke this? I probably had the first phone setup pre-0.88 and the 2nd one after. Now that they are both setup under 0.88 they are broke?


Huh, learn something new every day. Supposedly, 1414 accuracy means the update came from a cell tower. Will implement a fix in 2.0 for this.


I’m assuming 2.0 is next version of HA Companion app? If so, is there a timeline?