Location problems using iOS companion app

I have two iPhone XS devices setup and recognized by the system and have identical setups in the companion app and best I can tell on the phones as well. One phone is processing location updates using background fetching perfectly. The other refuses and gets regularly errors that the app is “ignoring location with accuracy over threshold.Accuracy: 1414m”. Other apps on the same phone confirm GPS accuracy on the phone is just fine and I can manually send a location update to the server through the app without issues. I’ve checked everything I can think of that might be causing the issue, but i’m at a loss.

I realize there are other methods/apps I can use for device tracking, but I would prefer figure this out and have one less separate component to get this setup working I’m wondering if anyone else has come across this issue and has any ideas how I can get around it.


Edit: I have already removed the app from the phone, removed it from HA and reinstalled.

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I noticed the same thing in the HA app trying to get the iCloud3 add-on working. Life360 reports accuracy just fine to HA (using that add-on as well).

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I removed both devices, deleted .ios.conf and known_devices.yaml and re-set them up. Now both devices don’t properly communicate location and throw the same “accuracy” error. I"m wondering if HA 0.88 broke this? I probably had the first phone setup pre-0.88 and the 2nd one after. Now that they are both setup under 0.88 they are broke?

Huh, learn something new every day. Supposedly, 1414 accuracy means the update came from a cell tower. Will implement a fix in 2.0 for this.

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I’m assuming 2.0 is next version of HA Companion app? If so, is there a timeline?

What is the supposed fix on this? I get alot of results with a gps accuracy 100 >. Should it maybe be configurable?

Same here. Tested on iPhone 8 and an 11 pro.
Is there a configuration option somewhere?

iOS app is unusable in this state for presence. Quite annoying.

Any updates here? I’m running into this issue as well. The location doesn’t update until I open the app and refresh it manually.

Any updates on this? Same issue on iPhone 11 Pro and HA app. Location accuracy is awful. Tried deleting and reinstalling app but no change. Three other iPhones in family are fine.

Please upgrade to 2020.3 and in App Configuration > Location turn on “In-Development Updating” a try. It may help a lot with accuracy of location tracking.

I have the same issue. @zacwest, sorry for asking but I don’t understand. 2020.3 is the IOS app?

You should update to the latest version of the app from the app store. This is now 2020.4.

Ah, aha, ok thanks Tom but I am probably missing a few things. To make things work, do we need the IOS app on every device that needs to be monitored through iCVloud family? And will that setting solve the issue on the browser too? Because there the 1414 is also seen. And last question, I can’t find the “In-Development Updating” setting. Do I need to do something else first? (Sorry for this!)

I don’t know about the iCloud integration sorry. My comment was for using the app to get the location information.

This is now the normal and that setting no longer exists so you can ignore that part. The “In-development updating” is now used all the time in 2020.4

What does the “Didn’t update: location update from the past” mean? In the last app version, my location notifications worked well (using Node-RED they triggered when I entered the zone.home), but now they seem to be firing minutes after I enter the zone.

With the “In-development updating” as the only mechanism, what does it do? Did it reduce the frequency that updates happen?

It’s a tad difficult to troubleshoot as I have to leave my Home zone to get something to happen and then have to return home to get another trigger :grinning:


My location tracking seems to be worse since updating to 2020.4…

It always worked flawlessly for me actually, but now after the update (on both my and my partner’s iPhone), the updates seem to be a bit delayed and has taken a step back actually.

Ie, I used to get a notification that I came home when I was within 100m of my house.
Since the update, I’ve already come home, parked the car, come inside, grabbed some food out the fridge, walked up two flights of stairs, turned on the PC, and then magically I get the massage that I’ve arrived home…

One night while watching tv, I apparently left home and came back 5 minutes later, not sure where I went… :wink:

I checked the logs on my iOS device, seems like it did see that I entered the zone at the right time, I just wasn’t marked as home until 5 minutes later by Home Assistant, which is weird…

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2020.4.1 Hasn’t helped much either. I’ve increased my Home zone to 200 m and will see what happen.

Same for me, 2020.4.1 has the same result.

Exiting the zone seems to work as it always did.
Entering seems to be a bit… inconsistent.

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I am experiencing exactly the same as what Veldkornet describes.

It would be useful to have some of the debug information the app is logging about locations to understand what is happening. Inside the menu > App Configuration > Event Log, some details about location decisions are logged.

For the moment (2020.4, not yet fixed in 2020.5 which isn’t out yet) you can ignore the “too old” logs – it happens on every startup. Can you share what else you find there?

I’m aware of one current issue with entering regions: #841 which we should be able to identify by something like: the app logs it enters a zone, it sends it to HA, but the device_tracker doesn’t believe you are in the zone. In the cases that I have seen so far, it’s centimeters of accuracy being an issue. It’s not easy to calculate the distance information in this ticket on your own, so if you hop into #ios in Discord we can walk through some of the debug logs to try and see what’s going on. You can also open a GitHub ticket with some of the debug information as well, just keep in mind that your latitude/longitude information can pinpoint you.

Another issue is that iOS 13.4+ gets stuck in a state where all background (specifically background; opening e.g. Maps.app will be fine) location updates get stuck with extremely poor accuracy. This should manifest in all background-using apps (e.g. if you had OwnTracks installed, you could compare the two) and seems to be resolved by restarting the device. The app currently notices – but does not yet report outside of the event logs – when it discovers the accuracy is poor enough and it will not send that data.