Location service does not work for me


Love the new app although the location update between app and HA does not seem to work for me…

I Have 2 iPhone 6’s with 1.02 app and 0.42.4 HA version running at home.
Location enabled on both within the app and set to “always” in the privacy -> location setting for the iPhones.

No location update on the HA state page for any of them.

When I try to manually send location from the app, on 1 of the phones I see several error messages in the log correlating with the attempt (for the other phone with same action - no message appears in the log).

Check out the log errors here: https://pastebin.com/G9HjK7gZ

Both iPhones are long since listed in the known_devices (hide_if_away: false, track: true)

Up until yesterday I was using the iCloud service which I hope to replace with the app - but it does not seem to work (icloud reference removed from the config).

What should I do about it? anyone else has similar issues?

Have yoy added track_ios in the config?

    track_ios: true

I missed that, I set up mine in the 1.0 app, sorry for that.

So @cameron way is it not working for @Amir974 ?

It looks like you have the wrong name in your apps Device ID.

voluptuous.error.Invalid: invalid slug refael’s iphone (try refaels_iphone)

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Thanks @cameron… so messing up with the ids in the known_devices is no good :weary:
got it!

I got the same problem.

"Location failed to update
Failed to send current location to server. The error was The operation couldn’t be completed. (SwiftLocation.Location-Error error 3.)

Ok now it worked. So it is an intermittent problem. But I have to manually invoke the location update from the HA
app. Even though I have it set to update always. It is version 1.1.1

I use This system and work fine for me

In spanish , sorry


Thanks very much for the information! I will give a try and let you know.


Is there a way to automatically have HA send a one shot to the map every 10mins or so?

This would sole a lot of location problems!