Locative app on iOS while sleeping

Does anyone else here use the locative app for location based automation for iOS? I find it to be the best way of tracking location on iOS (until the HA app is released possibly).

The only weird thing that I have noticed is while I’m sleeping HA is marking my phone as “not home”. The only device tracker I am using is Locative and it is not supposed to send a message to HA unless I leave a designated area. I’m sure it has to do with iOS going into some low-use mode while I’m sleeping combined with wifi connections. It will mark me as “home” as soon as I wake up and use my phone.

I’m not sure if anyone else noticed this and if it is an issue with Locative app or HA device tracking.

I think I have seen this a couple of times maybe, but it hasn’t been an issue so far. Something to keep in mind when I start on my presence based alarm setup though!

Locative users should vote here: Fix Locative Bug