Locative device tracker disappears after restart


I’ve been using Locative device tracker for several years already,
after a recent update I found that the integration was updated and I needed to “reintegrate” it.
Everything works fine, except that there’s no new entry adding to known_devices and every time after HA restart, device_tracker disappears from the system until it sends a new location update.
Also, if I configure this device tracker (device_tracker.forexample) in known_devices and restart, I can see it, but when locative send a location update HA creates new device_tracker with name device_tracker.forexample_2

Do you have any ideas how can be fixed to support back the known_devices?

still suffering from this, all device_tracker automations gone crazy

Same problem. At moment restart HA the device is gone. At moment i send a TEST request the device is back again.

I dont know if the device must added in known_devices. Im using 0.100.2 version.