Login Nabu Casa fails

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I am using gitlab-ci and have a runner on my host system. HA runs in docker. The last line of the deployment script is a docker-compose restart hass. Works like a charm.

Only problem is that after the docker restart i can no longer connect from outside to my system. Access locally (ip:8123) works, but the external nabu casa link (https://xxxx.ui.nabu.casa/lovelace/default_view) is not working. It shows the retry dialogue. Login into nabu casa and reconnect fails as well.

Any idea what I should look for?


When I check the cloud integration it says “remote access is being prepared, please be patient” (German is “Der Fernzugriff wird vorbereitet. Wir werden Sie benachrichtigen, wenn alles fertig ist.”).

When I reboot locally on the console via SSH login into nabu case works.

So something is different when the gitlab runner makes the restart or when I do it locally on the console.