Logitech Media Server Hass.io Add-on


i want to extend my home automation environment with multi room audio.
In the past I used logitech media Server (lms).

I there any LMS Hassio.io Add-on or do I need to install LMS manualy ?

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There’s a component you can install to get Home Assistant to talk to an instance of Logitech Media Server - https://www.home-assistant.io/components/media_player.squeezebox/ - I’ve got that running myself. But I’m not sure if it’s possible to get hass.io to install and run its own instance.

I’ve got Logitech Media Server running on Pidora on an old Raspberry Pi 2, and hass.io running on a Pi 3. It works great though - I can control LMS from hass.io - e.g. automatically pause the music when an automation rule is triggered. So, for example, I want the music to automatically pause when someone rings the doorbell.


If you would have a another pi running squeezelite player for multiroom audio, would you be able to control the volumes individually from home assistant?

Yes you can control each player’s volume individually from Home Assistant - each player has its own volume control in the UI.

Thank you!

I have an experimental plugin for LMS server https://github.com/pssc/ha-addon-lms/

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Wanted to try your integration but the direct link says no correct structure and i cant use the my.homeassistant link:/

I now have a topic for the lms related addons I support:-