Looking for best Air conditioning control

i have 2 Mitsubishi units to control heating and cold air for my house , i never use the remotes i use broadlink to control it all at the moment

whats best way to have it so i can adjust temp, fan speed and show what its set to

and whats best way to control it as it seems to send a packet to set fan speed setting and direction of fan in 1 packet

what does yours look like ? and best way ?

thanks i really need guidance as fully redoing my server to hassio from my unraid server

Have checked Tado AC, it has a component for hass and works “most” of the time

You should checkout the Broadlink IR Climate Component. Broadlink IR Climate Component

As an alternative from that I manually setup the commands using my Logitech Harmony Remote, same would work for if you adjust the code. AC Split System integration via Harmony Remote

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£150 for each unit i have aint really the best option i might just have ir codes for bunch of settings and test it that way

WOW looks perfect!!!