Looking For Feedback on Thermostats

I have been thinking about adding a controllable thermostat to my home, and was hoping to get some feed back from people using thermostats with Home Assistant. First and foremost, how can Home Assistant be used with smart/controllable thermostats? I’ve looked at the components pages, and there doesn’t seem to be any information on actually interfacing with the thermostats, other than just monitory the activity. Is there away to actually interact with the different thermostats?

Secondly, I’m not sure which thermostat to go with. I’m currently leaning towards a RadioTherm or Ecobee, but would really like to hear what people are actually using with Home Assistant, and what they are doing as far as working their thermostats into their automation.

Home Assistant is capable of setting the target temperature and, if supported by your thermostat, fan and away mode

Personally I am not going to bother with the expenses of a smart thermostat and just going to use the Heat Control Component, some cheap wireless temp sensors and a solid state relay attached to an RPi to control my heating

Realizing the topic is a bit old, I am considering a smart thermostat in my new home, and would also like to hear what users are really using.
Particularly, I would like to stay away from cloud requirements, which seems to eliminate the Nest, and possibly the Honeywell as well.

you did it?

Yes, but the solid state relay didn’t work in the end due to current leakage. I ended up using a relay hat and an old pi