Looking for IR hardware recommendations (w\Xantech DinkyLink Bonus Question)

Looking to add IR control to the room I’ve been building my system against- mostly for control of the older Samsung TV, maybe add a Denon A/V receiver if the need\want arises… and a space heater if things go amazingly well …

So, from briefly looking at other solutions it seems my options go something like

  1. Something from Broadlink
  2. Something from Xiaomi
  3. Roll my own with LIRC, an ESP32 and an IR LED
    or maybe
  4. I was given a Xantech DinkyLink some time ago… is there a way it could be used? either from the same Pi HassIO is running on, a dedicated Pi (I have… several… Pi0’s not being used), or with an ESP in front of it since I seem to recall something about Pis having a generally hard time with the timing control needed for IR flashing…

Thoughts and opinions? My preference is… split, really… I’d /like/ to put the DinkyLink in play… get it and one of the zeros out of my ‘surplus collection’, but ease of implementation would go a long way towards turning my preference… if it comes down to it… is Xiaomi or Broadlink better supported within HA? is there a particular model I should lean towards? (I’d rather spend more now if it means I have greater functional flexibility later)

I use an NodeMCU with an IR LED - the type on a long cable from an IR extender like this:

and double sided taped to the IR window on my samsung TV and it has always worked perfectly.
I did used to have another IR LED for a receiver on the same NodeMCU but it is not needed now.

I use a couple of Broadlink RM3 Mini’s in my house (two separate rooms) and have done so for about 2.5 years now. They work perfectly and even seem to be powerful enough to bounce the signal off the walls to get to devices that aren’t in line of sight. I’ve been really impressed with them.

I use this custom_component in HA which has also been rock solid. My devices weren’t in his database but were easy to add.

So. Went ahead and had Amazon send me an RMmini3 and I guess my first question is if there is a way to config the device without doing the whole install the app, register an account dance.

I only used the app to setup the wifi credentials on the RM3. After that’s done you never need the app again. Not sure this can be done without the app

Yeah… I went ahead and did it their way…

Really, I was hoping to find a setting for… Oddly- I kinda prefer the devices on my network to be what requests it’s static IP instead of relying on DHCP and router-side IP allocation/reservation… looks like the mini3 will be the first device on my network that is dependent on a router assigned static IP :confused:

In hindsight… kinda wish I’d gone with the Pro… didn’t occur to me at the time of ordering that my Pi with OSMC is using an old ATI RF remote.