Looking for reviews of updates to the Manual MQTT Alarm integration


The Manual MQTT Alarm component has been a part of HA for a long time, but it’s not received much love for many years (and indeed has no component code owner!). There are several improvements I would like to make to the component, starting with an improved security paradigm where HA is in control of all security code validation (so the MQTT Panel would actually send a code to HA instead of just the “disarm” command by itself).

I’ve got a PR to integrate this, but it needs more reviews. I’ve already had one reviewer, the author of the Android MQTT Alarm Panel, look over the code (and he is working on an update to the App to work with the new security paradigm, which actually is simplifying his code!)
I’m asking for help in reviewing this PR so it can get pulled into HA.
I want to turn this component into more of a true alarm system. Some of the next steps I want to do (once this PR gets merged) include:

  • Multiple Codes – define different codes for different people
  • Notify on state changes with the code used
  • Watch specific sensors to trigger the alarm (instead of depending on automations to trigger the alarm)
  • Notify the panel if a watched sensor is “open” (which may prevent arming if a door is open).

So, please help me get this code reviewed so we can truly improve the alarm system!


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Hey, I am the author of the Android MQTT Alarm Panel application. I am currently working with @warlord to update the alarm panel application to use the new component. Just going through some local testing now. The goal is to have the alarm panel updated available when HA integrates the Manual MQTT Alarm panel component changes. I am looking forward to the update and the new features it offers.


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Hi Derek, have to say I have the exact same problem with manual alarm. I created a PR (https://github.com/home-assistant/core/pull/41657) which solve a problem some other users and me faced with regards to how to trigger the alarm immediately on some sensors and delay the activation on others and for too long does not find anyone to review it. I hoped the alarm functionality of HA will be more active than what seems to be the case. I start wonder if this area of HA is actually production ready or just a sample.

Thanks @tomer-w – that change actually looks interesting and it something I think I’d like to include as well in the mqtt alarm panel. I’ll try to find some time to review your PR. Honestly,these two systems should get refactored because, IMHO, the manuaL-mqtt should have ALL the features of manual, plus the ability to use an MQTT protocol to control the alarm. Indeed, one can use the Alarm Panel lovelace card for manual or manual_mqtt – so really, we should figure out a way to keep them in sync feature-wise.

Just my $0.02.