Looking for someone to pick up WallPanel Project

Hey ya’ll, I’m looking for some or many folks to pick up the Wallpanel Project, especially on the Android version which people are actively using. I really can’t keep working on it as much as I’d love to :frowning: but it makes no sense for it to be trapped to me either. The project started with me forking someone else’s efforts so it makes sense to keep going with someone fresh.

The effort was to provide a Kiosk app that was more oriented to home automation purposes, especially for old devices people have sitting around not using. Perfect for HADashboard to run on.

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Sorry to hear you can’t work on it anymore but appreciate you looking for people to take it over, there’s so much potential. It sounds like an ideal opportunity for the HADashboard team (@aimc) to take it onboard?

I would be interested in picking up the Wallpanel Project for Android. I have an application for HASS that shares some of the same features called MQTT Alarm Panel (https://github.com/thanksmister/android-mqtt-alarm-panel) which runs on Android devices as well as Raspberry Pi’s using Android Things.


Great to see you are taking this on @thanksmister

I have completed the first pre-release of the WallPanel Android application. You can find it here at the WallPanel Project Page and also on Google Play. I added TTS support and did some improvements to the face and motion detection. It may have bugs since I am the only one testing it, but its a start.