๐Ÿ”” LoRa Mailbox Sensor

Hello guys I want to share with you my firs Project . All files for ordering printed circuit boards can be found on the Github page.


wow. that is some long range power from the 5th floor. My mailbox room is equipped with a system that courier can contact our unit if there is a package, but they donโ€™t do it for regular envelope mail though. I will order one if you are selling it just to try it out.

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No, I do not sell a ready-made sensor , you can try to do it yourself, If you have any questions about the assembly, I will try to answer as quickly and accurately as possible.

Can it be configured for US LoRa (915 MHz)?

Yea, that is a lot of soldering.

Ra-01 module is 433mhz , but i can make a board for another module .

The part for the US market is the Ra-01H:


Can you verify if it is pin-for-pin compatible (w/ the appropriate antenna)?

I have another completed project (PowerModule ) you can use in your project ( arduino + radio ) module


you need to connect to the board, battery, motion sensor and ( arduino pin D3 for power off and A0 Voltage divider)

Yes Ra-01H Its pin-to-pin compatible !

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How to set up a Lora gateway and integrate a mailbox sensor into Home Assistant


Will this LILYGO ESP32 LoRa work?

Your post actually made me aware of this project for the first time so thanks for that :slight_smile:
I started digging into this a little bit. Since no one else has answered your question, I thought I would make an attempt at it.

I presume you are asking about this part regarding the โ€œgatewayโ€ side (versus the sensor side). The OP is using OpenMQTTGateway for the gateway side. It was mentioned in the 2nd video which ones are compatible, and here is a reference link to the listed โ€œcompatibleโ€ types:

Hi. So it looks like it will work?

If so,my other question is the frequency. Iโ€™m in Japan. Google says Japan uses this freq. Iโ€™m good?

AS920-923 (โ€œAS1โ€)

You need to

  1. match the frequency on the two devices (ie the device in the mailbox and the device in the openmqtt gateway)

  2. Match both those to the frequency allowed in your country.

Wikipedia says LoRa uses " AS923 (915โ€“928 MHz) in Asia" and references this document https://lora-alliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/RP-2-1.0.3.pdf

There is a 923MHz version of the LoRa device you pointed to on Aliexpress, and youโ€™ll have to get a matching chip for @madmanโ€™s board (for the mailbox end).

From this table it looks like the RA-01H does the Japanese frequency Ai-Thinker LoRa series modules for sale | ๅฎ‰ไฟกๅฏ็ง‘ๆŠ€ see also https://cdn.ozdisan.com/ETicaret_Dosya/632831_134737.pdf

Yes it will work

From what I can tell, the RA-01H covers a broad range: 803-930MHz, so I presume for a particular region/country of interest, one would set the frequency using software. In the case of the mailbox sensor, the Arduino library provides a frequency setting. For the U.S. region, the range is 902-928MHz and commonly referred to as 915MHz. So I was trying to figure out what the frequency setting should be. Is it as simple as setting it to 915MHz?

Look in the code

Ah yes, that is the Arduino library frequency setting I was referring to, but didnโ€™t make note of the code comments. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Itโ€™s great to see commented code!

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