Losing fstab and mount points on reboot

So I setup a new install of HASS on a Raspberry Pi 4 last night (latest image, followed instructions from HASS). I installed SSH & Web Terminal add-on and went in, created a new directory under /mnt and an fstab entry to mount an NSF4 share from my NAS. I manually run the mount and it works (with a command line configuration and basing it on fstab).

When I reboot the Pi (through either a reboot command or restart from the Supervisor section), all the changes I made are gone. The /mnt/homeassistant directory is gone and the changes to fstab are missing.

I thought maybe I had a bad image write to the SD card so I wiped it and flashed it again but I’m having the same issue. Has anyone seen this before? The SD card is brand new and came with the RPI4 I bought (which is a Canakit setup).

You do this for a container instance, that is „ephemeral“. Every change inside that container is gone, one you recreate that container.

You need to do this on the host and then mount that host directory into the container. But Home Assistant OS is not designed for this.

Thanks. I kinda figured this was going to be the case. I ended up ditching hass.io and going wit Raspbian and HASS in a container. This will make it easier getting this done.

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