Problems to mount external usb

I have installed HA on a Reaspberry Pi 4 (native installation) and I want to storage recorder data and log data in a pendrive (usb). The pendrive was formated as ext4 and it has 64Gb and it has two partitions.
The system recognize the unit and assign a the sda1 and sda2 for the partitions.
When I try to mount the partitions to a folder: mount /dev/sda1 /share/data the system shows “Permission denied”. The “data” folder has all chmod permission, and user is root.
I found links from people who have solved the problem using “sudo” command and so but I think they got to solved in a non native intallation ( docker or so).
I tried to mount through fstab too, but after reboot the new lines in the fstab file disappear. I think it will be the second problem I will found as someone already found:
In this link there is an explantion about but I don’t now how to modify this “on the host”

Do you mean HassOS?

Maybe have a look at this thread.