Losing network connection after a few hours

The original post was back to 2017 and now come to 2021 the network disconnection is still happening. My device is Raspberry Pi 4 and it disconnected like every few hours. Any expert here knows the permanent fix? Many thanks.

I thought I was the only one having issues.
My pi4 is able to kill all my phisical router ports.
Config: 2021.04.06
supervisor 2021.04.0
Hassos 5.13
Router asus rt68u

By killing all ports, I mean wan and all lan ports.
Removing the networkcable from the pi, gets the network restored directly (without rebooting router). Only way to get ha running again is rebooting the pi. So ha creates some sort of internal dos. Totally random. Some times after 2 days, but also after 3 hours.

If anyone has ideas, I am open to suggestions.

Same problem. Once per day my PI kill all router lan ports, wi-fi still working. To recover router must be switched off and on AND PI rebooted. It starts after update

Exactly same problem for me, PI with HASSIO image wired to static IP and I have noticed that only IPV4 connection is lost but not IPV6. When the problem occurs, I can ping homeassistant.local but I cannot ping 192.168.1.XXX.
After rebooting the PI, I can ping both IPV4 and IPV6.
Why IPV4 is lost ?
EDIT: I have also noticed that the connection is lost each time there is a new version of the core… (updater is ON)

Fixed for me: I change static ip to auto and reserve needed IP in router DCHP config table.

after one week it’s started again with dhcp too(
UPD: using wi-fi problem not reproduced

The problem remain for me: IPV4 lost (but not IPV6) and always after an update notification (Updater ON)

Same here, total netwerk lockdown after 3-4 hours.
New PI3, New SD, latest HAS image (July)
When cat cable disconected, all other device are back online again.
IP for HA from router reservation, So no conflict with other (same) ip.
About 64 device online (eth and wifi)
All type devices are in a different range.
So LAN/WIFI hubs/switches/AP are in 1-19
PC/game console in 20-39,
Controllers en device hubs (iobroker, homematic, hue, Google, alexa) 50-70
Media device (Sonos, satbox, tv) 80-110,
Phones/tablet 120-140,
Wifi lights (Wled esp8266/esp32) 150-190
Testspace 191-210
DHCP 220-240
For guests a seperate lan.

But looks like HA does not want to take part of my “family” :frowning:

I had exactly the same problem. Downgrading back to HassOS 5.4 solved the problem for me.
Ever since (3 weeks ago), it has been stable and no more network issues. Everything after 5.4 makes it unstable.

There are multiple Git issues raised, but none seem to make progress nor show any indication that someone is working on getting it resolved.

@Cazimbo , i now have it up and running again, downgrade tot V5.4 did solve this problem!

Are we the only who have this ??

I’m sure we are not the only ones. There’s enough tickets raised on Git about people with similar issues and there’s a few on the forum here as well.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like the issue has been identified, nor indication that anyone is actively looking in to this nor getting close to a solution.

The issue happened somewhere between 5.4 and 5.6 as that’s where I started getting issues.