Lost network connection

I opened up my home assistant this morning and found I had a “lost network connection” error. I could still get into the settings but could not get into any other screens. My network is up and running at a good speed. The settings have still got the correct URL set. I tried a stop on home assistant and then a restart. This removed the error message but did not fix the problem.

Do I need to go back and go through the manual install process again.

Do you have SMB access to your config files to check the log?

No, i can just get a blank screen with the setting icon at the bottom. I can then view the settings but that’s it.
I’m not sure what’s happening but I tried to do an “sudo app-get update” but I couldn’t get to the ‘raspbian.raspberrypi’ or the ‘archive.rasberrypi’ sites. I was going to try again tomorrow.