Lovelace Aftership Card

:package:This card is for Lovelace on Home Assistant 0.92+ to display your data from the Aftership sensor:package:


looks great. But with which deliverer does it work?

Works with most of the world’s popular ones. Go to aftership site it will list available logistics carriers.

Am I wrong or is the Aftership service only for the ones doing the shipping and not the customers doing the receiving?

You are wrong :wink: They have a free tier for up to 100 trackings


I guess I’m not just wrong but stupid as well :laughing:

I can’t for the life of me figure how to get to the receiver part of the website. I always seem to end up at the “Let us know about your brand” part of the website that seems to be for senders. And of course I don’t have any of the info they are asking for since I don’t have a “brand” or a website.

Just make it up and use the HA website

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Ah, OK. I guess I was in the right spot after all then.

Now I’m not as dumb.


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How do you delete a tracking number? I tried using dev-service – aftership.remove_tracking, but this did not work???

{ "tracking_number": 9405809698839916646075, "slug": "USPS" }

It takes time for the changes to be reflected

48 hours later and the package still has not been deleted. My JSON appears to pass the validity test, yet I still cannot delete old entries on the card. Is my JSON correct? The Aftership card works great, but I would like to be able to delete delivered items at some point.

your tracking number should be a string

{ "tracking_number": "9405809698839916646075", "slug": "USPS" }

This finally worked for me ->

{ "tracking_number": "9405809692239916649687", "slug": "usps" }

Newbie Question,

Can this card or is there a similar card, showing the info in HA frontend.

Or can anyone point me in the right direction.
I have the sensor working in the frontend, showing the number of packages, but would love this fine approach with the extended info.


I don’t understand your question. This is a card for the HA frontend?

Sorry for my bad English.
I would like to see the card with info on the Home Assistant states page.
Not Lovelace.

Maybe I’m missing something?

Is there a setup for configuration.yaml?

As per the documentation on the Github Project for this, it’s Lovelace only.

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:package: Version 1.1.0 :package:

  • Ability to remove trackings by long pressing on tracking’s icon
  • Haptic feedback confirms removal service was called

Thanks for the update, the new delete function is a welcome addition and works well.

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Thanks a lot for this card!

Hope you don’t mind me asking… Would it be possible to filter the trackings? Let’s say “Hide Delivered”, for example.