[Lovelace Card] Pool Monitoring Card - Pool temperature, pH, ORP and TDS


I share with you the new plugin “Pool Monitoring Card” that I just created to monitor its pool and displays information on temperature, pH and ORP levels.

Have a good swim with Home Assistant :slight_smile:

Great job

How are you measuring these? Temp
Is easy but others, no clue?

its just i need!!!

can you accept suggestion?
it will be very ussefull diferents sizes, the actual is to big. a parameter to select other sizes, it will be very usefull!!


Hi @tmjpugh, I retrieve ph values and ORP values from my zodiac heat pump Z400iQ and chlorinator eXO. You can see details here Jandy iAqualink Pool Integration - #381 by Mirlorojiblanco

hi @DAVIZINHO , of course, what do you mean by a parameter to select other sizes, can you give examples of what you would like ?

New version (1.1) is released with TDS value possible :

really i dont know how to do diferents layouts of a plugin :frowning: I saw this in other plugins like this:

that have a lot of layouts to choose.

in your plugin, the 3 parameters are perfect for me, PERFECT, :slight_smile: (I use a blueriiot sensor).
But maybe, its to big for my cards.
In my case a 50% off size will ve perfect. you can see a lof of free space, and in my case I prefer more compact. but its only my opinion!!!, if you dont want to waste time on it, i understand! :slight_smile:

hello @DAVIZINHO , i can try to create something like this with a “compact mode”, would it be ok for you ? Do I understand well your needs ?

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exactly!!! this will be perfect!!. more compact and usable in small dashboards. This will be perfect!!

Hi @DAVIZINHO, compact mode is available in version 1.2, here the real UI in HA

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it fit like a charm in my dashboard.
Thanks a lot!!!

on the other hand i have a question.
Why do you set this values for the colour levels?

I have a blueriiot device, and the blueriiot app have other colour levels.

Hi @DAVIZINHO, I found these infos in differents pool sites, and to have a summary answer here, i asked chatgpt and the response was quite similar.

Nevertheless, you can now change the set point if you wish for each entity, and I’m taking the point to see how you could define your own levels (and colors ;-)).

chatgpt is the new god! jejeje
really i dont know with values are the corrects, but i see diferences between you and blueriiot and make me question about this. :slight_smile:
I see that your pool is salt. the mine is clore. And in my blueriiot sensor i setup the pool as clore. Maybe this is the diferent???

thanks for your work again!!

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I setup the setpoints today and looks good! very good!!
thanks again for your work!!

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This is a great card! For those of us in the US, Salt is measured in ppm, is it possible to get an option to set g/m or ppm? Temp is fine because I can set it to temp in F, but the salt threshold won’t allow me to go to 3000 for ppm

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Thanks @pdvorak for your feedback.

I have released a new version with which you can go further with the card by modifying the unit, setpoint, and step of each measured entity.

I have updated the readme with this new advanced options.
Let me know if this is ok for you.

Great work on this! The card looks great and is a huge improvement over my gauge cards. Any plans to add additional entities and custom labels/icons. There are other pool related items I’d like to add here (CYA, Phosphates, Calcium, etc.) but I could also see a use case for this card in other places. For example, grilling temperatures I currently use a bar-card to monitor my bluetooth temperature probes but this looks so much nicer.

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Hi @kernel610 , i will look this week end how to do this. I will come back to you soon

Nice card ! Very good job !
Can you add also a pool filter pressure gauge (unit bar / psi) ?


Hi @Remi_Kiragossian yes I can do it, do you have the spec of your hardware and ideas of ranges for filter pressure ?

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