Lovelace: Clock Card

I got asked to release this. Very hacky, but it works for me, hopefully someone else can clean it up and make it better.

Essentially makes a clock card that has some extra time zones available.

Stole the idea from Mikael T

If it works and that’s a big if. Should look like this.

Edit: Link to github.


Thanks Bro

Been on my todo list have son in Aussie

Working great. Is it possible to have only 2 or 1 extra timezone. I have only one but its still showing 3.


Hey mate. Just did quick update. should work now with new version.

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thanks will check :slight_smile:

hay @DrZzs this be a good one for you share the start time LIve shows around the WORLD lol

Nice card!

Any way to get the parameter “locale” to pick up your system default language/country/time format (set default when parameter not specified)?

Actually that might work already. I’ll have a look tomorrow, but if I recall I added the locale config parameter after and if it’s not there it defaults to the systems locale. From memory I think I added specifically setting it as some older browsers broke without it.

Try leaving out the locale and see what happens?

You are right. It works leaving out “locale”

Awesome. Let me know if you see any issues with other browsers.

I am almost certain it didnt work ‘somewhere’. But can’t recall where.

Any chance you can make this card for HACS?
So much easier to monitor future updates.


Yeah I was thinking about doing it eventually.

Got a few other projects on the go but will add this to the list.

@robha2019, Man I like this card on the desktop but there are big scaling issues on my phone.

@cdrom1028 upload a screenshot lets take a look. What phone you using?

on my iphone 11 pro it looks OK and really thats all i have to test it on. but i will see what i can do.

Mobile (Android 10, chrome on Pixel 3XL)

Desktop (Win 10, Chrome)

Notice the Time Zone text is not scaling correctly on the Mobile version. This makes for a wonky UI…

Ouch yeah no worries. I will take a look mate. Will let you know when i push a new build.

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Cool, I am glad to test…

Heads up. Found an issue with Time Zones.

New release out. 0.1.1

Did some work on layout. It looks to be working, but need some testing.

Also identified issue with timezone on Safari browsers (i.e. iPad and iPhones etc.). Temporary fix is to remove the entity config. This will give you the local time of your device (i.e. your phone or what have you) and not the time from your home assistant instance.

Let us know how you go.

Testing now, the scaling is still off on Mobile. The fonts are its really big in comparison to other cards…