Lovelace condition card with a twist

I am looking for a lovelace card where the header toggle controls a switchable entity (like an automation or input select) and when it is turn on (or off depending on the use case) the rest of the card is displayed.

Does something like this exist?

When the header switch is on.

when the header switch is off


I THINK you can do this with the monster lovelace card.

I use the lights example to show only lights that are on, so you could play with that a only show if X is on…

You can use two cards, one holds the switch, the other is conditional on the switch. Put them both in a vertical-stack-in card and they look like one.

That’s what I was missing. Thank you.

Check out the “Fold Entity Row” card in HACS. It tried to do what you’re describing with a conditional card which keyed off an input_boolean, but this “fold entity row” card is much better. I use it to show/hide some of the advanced configuration options in my front end.Annotation%202019-08-14%20135945