Lovelace dashboard

I see quite a lot of great initiatives for building wall mounted dashboards. Some of them are nice and graphical, others are a bit more sober.

As I am in need of a wall mounted dashboard I was wondering which direction I should take. Running a customer dashboard will have a steep learning curve and might not be as maintained as for example Lovelace. But is it possible to create a nice dashboard with a grid layout like the one attached possible?

Try this looks like what you’re looking for.

That was exactly what I had in mind when indicating other solutions have a steep learning curve…

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But to pick up on my question: isn’t it possible to create a dashboard with straight columns and rows with Lovelace by using the vertical and horizontal stacks?

I prefered to use Full Kiosk Browser app on a tablet and create a new lovelace view for it.
Here are some screenshots:

and some popup cards:

So, yes, you can use Lovelace. The nice thing with Kiosk is that you can enable motion detection and the screen tablet will turn on everytime you go in front of it & also you can import the tablet camera into homeassistant :slight_smile:

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