Lovelace Entity Filter card Header toggle

When assigning a title to an Entity Filter Card, a header toggle appears.

Is it possbile to remove this.
I tried “show_header_toggle: false” but this has no effect.

Are you using an entities card or an entity filter?
show_header_toggle is option on the entities card
It would help if you publish your configuration for this.

Hi Cyn, I am using an Entity Filter card, but I managed to get it to work, as I had the line in the wrong place…

How did you remove it? My entity filter card also has a header toggle, I don’t know why. It suddenly appeared after an earlier HA upgrade.

Via the GUI you can switch on/off the header toggle on normal entities cards, but there is no toggle for the entity filter card.

See my config entry, you need to use the editior:

show_header_toggle: false <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
title: Switches

  • entity: switch.bathroom_lights
  • entity: switch.bathroom_blinds


  • ‘on’
  • ‘off’
    type: entity-filter
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