Lovelace: Group card


Group card


Is a simple card that expands a group to a list of entities to be used with entities, glance, etc. Some people still wanted to reuse their automation groups to show them on the UI without redoing things.

:warning:️ Keep in mind that you can use this with any cards that take as parameter entities array (like glance, entitites, etc.).


Name Type Default Description
type string Required custom:group-card
card object Required Card object
group string Required The entity_id of a group

Card object

Name Type Default Description
type string Required A type of card (ex.glance) from lovelace
title object optional Title of the card
other optional Other parameters supported by card type above


Show all with some exceptions:

- type: custom:group-card
    type: entities
    title: Group card
  group: group.bedroom


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Group card (I think you forgot the link to the actual card?)


You are right :frowning:



Is there some way to get this to work with the light card?

I get the following:
2018-12-07 10:22:33 ERROR (MainThread) [frontend.js.latest.201812050] https://REDACTED/frontend_latest/4a0b71976892b9590a9c.chunk.js:4818:651 Uncaught Error: Specify an entity from within the light domain.

The included group is entirely lights :slight_smile:


This card is awesome!! Makes it easy to bring some old groups across to Lovelace while I try and work out what I want to do and how to lay it all out.