Lovelace Home system (my install)

I just wanted to share how my install looks on here. I tried to make some thematic views.

The first is a general view with a general media-player that control my smart TV, smart HTS, my Freebox (smart TV set-top box), and my HDMI switch.
I got a 3D birdeye view of my place with most of the devices on there (mostly lights and decorations I can control from HA).
The rest is my alarm, a general thermostat (still WIP) and weather.

That part is for all lights. I got two color controlled ones and the rest are smart plugs and decorative led plugged to ESP8266.

That view is for all climate control. I may also add humidity once I figure out how I want it displayed. All heaters are Sonoff TH16 with sensors except for the AC which is IR controlled.

That’s the environement view with accurate weather, status of a Miflora monitored plan and my electric consumption of yesterday using Linky electricity meter.

I have a security panel with my two cameras and a map with where I am. It also says all about presence detection.

That one is my server health panel. It scans for any crucial services that goes down along with if all website works and all devices that are offline. It also monitor the status of the internet connection and system status.
The best part is the fail2ban module with realtime map of attacks against me.

The last pannel is for debugging and monitoring manually things that can go wrong. Especially I got the livingroom sensor being an OCR on my camera feed that can occasionally crash. I also got some PTZ control there.

That’s it. Don’t hesitate to comment and give some helpful critique of all that :smile:


very nice.
can you share your code?
i would like to see how to do ptz on the camera?
also, in what software you did your 3d floorplan?


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+1 for both :smiley:

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Thanks :grin:

I will probably do so once I got time to anonymize things. I also want to get my component and eventually lovelace cards merged into HA first.

I talked about the PTZ right there.

For the 3D plan I used Sweethome3D with the best rendering options and a lot of work and furniture libraries.

Looks great, specially I like this part:


I tried to make something like this with picture elements card but it seemed to be too complicated
Could you explain this part?


I like this network graph. I’d like to know more about it.

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Looks good. How did you get the colour picker as a card?

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I made some picture from the material design icons and then I used pixel offset to align each one into place. It’s quite ugly and not very responsive TBH. I will give out my code once I get my contribution into the main code.

I used this but I just found that there’s a better one here

this is really cool… how you did it?

I barely remember it. It was based on a backend geoip server and a database that got updated by a PHP script from fail2ban events and then a Javascript page that uses a plugin for OpenStreetMaps. I think it was called ban hammer if you have the time and patience to recreate it.