Lovelace: Live energy usage card


With my recent purchase of the Shelly 3EM I found no good live energy usage card available for the dashboard.
So I’ve created my own!

Install it here: GitHub - Sese-Schneider/ha-energy-overview-card: Current energy consumption overview card.
The card is HACS compatible and can also be installed manually.


  • Three-phase power monitoring
  • Voltage, Current, Power, and Power Factor display
  • Faster animations for more power usage

The repository is in an early stage, PRs are welcome!


Very nice.

Small correction: that is a power card. Not an energy card. Power and energy are two very different things.


Wanted to say thanks for developing this. I’m really enjoying the outcome when combined with power-flow-card-plus :slightly_smiling_face: Great little card!


One question though. Would it be somehow possible to assign different colors based on importing or exporting? Or could the entities maybe automatically use var(–energy-grid-return-color) (#8353d1) in case that particular phase is currently exporting?