Power Flow Card Plus 🚀

Hello there :wave:

A few days ago I forked the original Power Flow Card and I’ve done quite some work on it since then:

  1. Display Individual Power Entities - You can now display individual power entities on the card, making it easier to track specific devices or circuits in your home.

  2. Customize Individual Entities’ Label, Icon and Color - With the new update, you can customize the label, icon, and color of each individual entity. This allows you to tailor the card to your specific preferences and make it easier to identify different devices or circuits.

  3. Hide Individual Entities when State is 0 or Unavailable - You can now choose whether to hide individual entities when their state is 0 or unavailable. This helps to keep the card organized and clutter-free.

  4. Clickable Entities (Including Home) - You can now click on individual entities, including the home icon, to view more details about that particular entity.

  5. Fixed Crooked Lines - The latest version of the card fixes a problem with crooked lines on the graph.

  6. Keep Color of Battery to Grid Line, Even When Not Returning - The card now keeps the color of the battery to grid line, even when it’s not returning energy.

  7. Display Low Carbon Energy from the Grid - The new update also allows you to display low carbon energy from the grid on the card.

  8. Customize Low Carbon Energy Label, Icon, Circle Color, Icon Color, and State Type - You can customize the label, icon, circle color, icon color, and state type of the low carbon energy display.

I plan to add more features in the future, for example, a hold and double tap action as well as customizing what happens upon each action.

Overall I would appreciate some feedback and hope that you like the new features :grinning:


First of all … you don’t know how much I fell in love with this configurable card when I fell across it. I’ve always wanted to visualise power usage rather than numbers/graphs etc… Thanks for the great work!

I am struggling a little with some of the consumption/production elements as my entities being captured for power usage for solar invertor and tesla battery arne’t as straight forward.

Telsa Battery offers load, site, battery and solar and represents flow direction by -'ve numbers. There is only one entity for power flow. eg: refer MY HOME below for the available Tesla Power entities. The battery is currently charging off Solar, and the house is consuming directly from the grid.

Fronius Invertor w/Smart meter offers a similar array with negative numbers for change of flow. The below shows Power load of house consumption (including battery charging), power grid = grid consumption and power photovoltaics being solar generation.

Is there a way to manipulate the entities to fit into the required configuration? I’m not sure what other power measurements show for other batteries and inverters but energy entities look generally to be export/import as applied to native energy card in HA whereas power like I am experiencing seems more like one entity with a positive/negative number indicating flow direction which doesn’t work natively with your card configuration options.





To update my own question, I re-read the instructions and missed the ‘combined’ readings where you configure consumption only. Your instructions for split examples were so good I just followed that approach :blush:. I have only applied consumption entities for battery and grid for the below example but the battery is showing up as -'ve and as a result the total for home is out of whack as well. I swapped battery to ‘production’ so it shows in diagram as feeding “IN” to battery but I suspect this is a flip of negative/positive values that needs to be fixed. When I add it as consumption is shows power flowing out of battery which it isn’t (pictured).

I thought I’d leave my original post to help those that skimmed past split vs combined entities like I have.

Second image is to show feed of power back into grid. Grid flow is wrong. I’ve included entity values in diagram for context.

title: Power Flow
      consumption: sensor.solarnet_power_grid
    entity: sensor.solarnet_power_photovoltaics
      consumption: sensor.powerwall_battery_now
    state_of_charge: sensor.powerwall_charge

Is there a way to flip positive/negative or is this a code problem?



Really cool. Is there any way to make it larger so it takes up more of the dashboard? I tried card-mod but couldn’t do much except change the background colour.

First of all, thank you very much for the kind words, it makes me really happy to see other people using it :hugs:

Is there a way to flip positive/negative

Yes, there is :slight_smile:

You can use the inverted_entities option for this. In terms of indentation, it’s in the left-most position, so the same indentation as type: custom-power-flow-card-plus:

inverted_entities: grid, battery

This is just an example, but keep in mind that this is an example. Do not change the grid or the battery into entity_ids, it really is supposed to look like that. Simply remove the one you don’t need to invert. Hope this helps

Unfortunately, this is not that easy of a task, since the lines that demonstrate the flows are svg’s…

Is this supposed to be how it works for a combined entity?

Shouldn’t a positive flow flow in one direction and a negative flow in the other ?

Right now when sensor.solarnet_power_grid is negative itr shows a negative number on the flow from grid->house. Shouldn’t it instead reverse the flow?

I can’t for the life of me get the low carbon bubble to show using the c02 signal sensor

Any ideas?

type: custom:power-flow-card-plus
    entity: sensor.envoy_home_consumption
    color_icon: true
    entity: sensor.co2_signal_grid_fossil_fuel_percentage
    icon: mdi:leaf
    color_icon: true
    display_zero: true
    name: Low Carbon
    state_type: percentage
    icon: mdi:tower
    name: Grid
      production: sensor.envoy_grid_production
      consumption: sensor.envoy_grid_consumption
    name: Solar
    icon: mdi:solar-panel-large
    entity: sensor.envoy_solar_production
    name: Battery
    icon: mdi:bat
      consumption: sensor.envoy_battery_consumption
      production: sensor.envoy_battery_production
    entity: sensor.hvac
    icon: mdi:thermostat
    color: '#80b8ff'
    name: HVAC
    color_icon: false
    entity: sensor.appliances
    name: Appliances
    color_icon: true
    display_zero: true
    color: '#ff8080'
    icon: mdi:fridge
w_decimals: 0
kw_decimals: 2
min_flow_rate: 0
max_flow_rate: 15
watt_threshold: 10000
clickable_entities: true

This is absolutely brilliant, many thanks indeed for creating! One amazing additional feature, if it’s possible at all, would be to be able to scale the graphics to fill an entire tablet screen so you could view the flows from a distance. Not sure this is possible without some HA changes but thought I’d ask…

Keep up the amazing work!

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This is a very odd issue. On my Hudl 2 tablet, my “individual1” entry bubbles flow the wrong way (from device to house). On all other devices (phones, PCs), the bubbles flow the correct way.

Same HA app version, same light theme, same dashboard. How can that happen??

Really nice card. Thanks!

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 16-07-29 Mobile View – Home Assistant

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Have you registered on CO2 Signal and installed the integration to create the sensor?

Yes, I have it on the energy dashboard power distribution card. Doesn’t show on this card

Love the cards, really nice!

I’m having a bit of a problem with my grid entitiy. I only have a singel sensor that is negative for production and positive for consumption.

When I configure it in “single mode” as a consumption entity, it doesn’t show the export path from solar. Shen the numbers go negative it shows no flow to the grid!
Am I missing something?

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You should use this configuration in your case:

      entity: sensor.ferroamp_consumption_power

Does this work?

Which version of the card are you using?

Sounds very much like a cache problem, can you try clearing your tablet’s cache?

In that case your configuration should look like this:

    entity: sensor.solarnet_power_grid

I tried this and yes, it looks like it works better now!
Thanks alot, fast answer too!

Got confused by the example of the simple grid config, se screenshot.
There you have a single entity and the consumption property!
I think you should do a simple clarification of how the split and combines entites should be written.

It is very logical now that you pointed it out but that simple grid example threw me of.

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Thank you for your feedback! :muscle:
I noticed that quite a lot of people had the same problem configuring the card, but I didn’t know why.
I just updated the example in the readme to use a simple combined entity configuration.