Lovelace: mini graph card

Thanks! Added to my update-todo-list :+1:

Updated from 0.105 to 0.106.6
What happened?

Did you check the breaking changes in 0.106 (and update the card?)

deleted the mini graph card and reinstalled via HACS. Now it works.

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Is there any chance to move extrema from bottom of graph to top?


I use mini graph card for my solarpanels. i monitored my Day sensor, so I can see how much power I have generated per day.
In the mini graph card i set:

hours_to_show: 168

so i can see it from the whole week. Is there a way to show the date or days on the bottom of each bar? Like a X-axis?

This is my card config:

type: 'custom:mini-graph-card'
name: Stroom opgewekt
  - entity: sensor.solaredge_energy_today_template
group_by: date
hours_to_show: 168
aggregate_func: max
  graph: bar


Hi! I need help…
I can’t get tihs card to work…
Can someone help me?

Anteckning 2020-03-29 110752_2 Anteckning 2020-03-29 110752_3

Remove the hyphen.

type: 'custom:mini-graph-card'
name: Temp
  - ...

Did not work.

The community-plugin should be changed in hacsfiles.
Not sure it’s already deprecated the community-plugin, but it’s worth to change it already if you’re on 0.107.x and latest HACS.

This looks really nice. Interrested to see your whole dashboard :slight_smile:

Thank you! Very much a work in progress. Most of the cards are swipe cards (thermostats, lights, humidity/air quality, robot vacuums).


Looks really great. Love the theme. Looking currently for inspirations :slight_smile:


That looks amazing! Could you share your config please?

I’m very jealous that you have a Nest dev account, I’d love to be able to include my Hello on my dashboard.

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Thank you, I’ll share it soon. I actually purchased the Nest Hello after the API change was made. I use the badnest integration which doesn’t require a Nest dev account.

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Oh my god, thank you. Not just for releasing you config in the future but for letting me know about badnest. I didn’t even know it was a thing!

I don’t understand. Can you explain?

Take a look here: 0.107 Warning about community_plugin

Thanks! That did the trick for me!

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Is it possible to use template instead of value



  • value: ‘{{ states(’‘sensor.min_kwh_idag’’) | float }}’
    color: green
  • value: ‘{{ states(’‘sensor.max_kwh_idag’’) | float }}’
    color: red
  • value: 21.5
    color: “#c0392b
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