Lovelace: mini graph card

I’ve added a mini-graph-card and set the name to Living Room, when ever I click the graph for additional details it changes the name to living room temperature. Anyone know how to set the name when selected?

Post a screenshot with this changed name.
And show where you changed the name to “Living Room”.

type: custom:mini-graph-card
  - sensor.living_room_temperature
name: Living Room
  style: |
     {background: transparent;
     border-style: none;

  1. You posted an unformatted code. It does not have indents which are crucial in yaml.
  2. Avoid posting picture containing unrelated things which only distracts. There are plenty of tools like MS Paint to get rid of unneeded info.
  3. In short:
    – if “name” is defined on a card level - it will be displayed when a graph is NOT selected;
    – if “name” is defined on an entity level - it will be displayed when a graph is selected.

I don’t seem to have the option to insert code on my phone, anyway I’ve update the code and the pictures; hope you are less distracted now and maybe able to help.

As it was explained here:
Test with this:

type: custom:mini-graph-card
  - entity: sensor.living_room_temperature
    name: Living Room

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately that didn’t work.
“bad indentation of a sequence entry”

Missed “entity” - check my fix above.

That worked perfectly, thanks for your help :+1:

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Try using a hex color instead and set the hour points to 1? Mine looks like this

  type: 'custom:mini-graph-card'
    - sensor.average_humidity
    - value: 30
      color: '#D35467'
    - value: 50
      color: '#68C9F0'
    - value: 60
      color: '#4D6DDC'
  hours_to_show: 96
  points_per_hour: 1
  line_width: 7
    name: false
    icon: false
    state: false
    label: false
    legend: false
    points: false
    fill: fade
    extrema: true
    average: true


Thanks! How do you get the icons and additional information to be displayed that way?

I use in custom: button-card, you can see in my config how I did it

Do you mind sharing full codes entire card? thank you

This should be shared.
Generating “color_thresholds”:


With the latest HA update you get long term statistics, is that going to be added to mini graph card or is something that is already available?

What do you mean?
LTS was available in Statistics graph since adding LTS to HA.
This release LTS was just added to History view (not to History-graph card), nothing else has been changed - why this may be a reason to show LTS in mini-graph-card?

I think the question is more like this: The built-in cards (only the history stats card) have has been updated to combine data from two sources (the regular recorder history, plus LTS if it exists). Does this card need a similar change, or will an entity that has LTS have it’s LTS automatically displayed if the period reaches that point or goes beyond the recorder history?

I haven’t upgraded to test, but my guess would be it will need to be updated if the card needs to do this.

The other option is of course if they made this change at an API level to automatically do this, then of course no change will be needed.

But this is not what happened.
History-graph card still shows only History data.
Only History view can now show LTS in addition to History.

But looking at

there is probability that History-graph card could be updated as well.

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So you can’t put a years worth of data in custom mini graph card.

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