Lovelace: mini graph card

Thanks, for your help. I’ll take another look at the docs.

I managed to change the color of the Voltage to match the graph.

Is there any way to remove the Min and Max labels and also remove the time from this card. By default, when I set extrema to true, the time and min and max labels automatically appear.

I don’t use mini graph card my self but I believe its

extrema: false

ignore that you just want the labels removed

extrema: false

Removes everything. I just want to retain the sensor min and max values without the MIN, MAX label and time. Haven’t found anything in the docs that allows me to do that.

Yeh sorry I made an edit on my post, I realised that after I posted…
I don’t know how to remove it but the kind of person I am I would just change the label colour to the same as the background lol

How to edit extrema and average labels - was explained: card-mod thread - 1st post - link at the bottom - mini-graph.

Can someone help Here?

The Lines are to low and I want to have them higher.

Also the number I Like to have higher, Neer to the Icon…

Hope I am correct here😊

type: custom:mini-graph-card
  - sensor.pool_ph_wert
icon: mdi:ph
height: 300
name: ' '
line_width: 8
font_size: 100
  labels: false
  - value: 6,8
    color: red
  - value: 7,0
    color: blue
  - value: 7,2
style: |
    ha-card {
      {% set state = states('sensor.pool_ph_wert') | int %}
      {% if state <= 7.2 %} 
        --text-color: green;
      {% elif state <= 7.1 %}
        --text-color: greenyellow;
      {% elif state <= 7.4 %}
        --text-color: yellow;
      {% elif state <= 7.5 %}
        --text-color: orange;
      {% elif state <= 8.0 %}
        --text-color: red;
      {% endif %}

Hello, I am working with mini graph card and other tools to try this card:


Actually I have this config working ok, but I am not able to add more identities to the lower card, and also put a name between temp and humidity figures as I showed in the first image:


This is the code for the lower card (which I would like to modify):

type: custom:mini-graph-card
name: Temperatura y Humedad
decimals: 1
font_size_header: 15
height: 18
tap_action: false
  - entity: sensor.termostato_bano_alex_temperatura
    name: Temperatura
    show_state: true
    color: orange
    state_adaptive_color: true
    show_legend: true
    show_graph: false
  - entity: sensor.termostato_bano_alex_humedad
    name: Humedad
    show_state: true
    color: lightblue
    state_adaptive_color: true
    show_graph: false

Could you help me to get what I need please??

  • 3 lines with temp and humidity for each room
  • label of the room in the middle

Thanks a lot for your help

I would say that using mini-graph-card to show this
is not the best idea since:
– the card is not used for graphs,
– it would require advanced skills with card-mod,
– similar look may be achieved by other ways with other cards.

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Agreed, seems like one for the custom button card.

Can somenone help here please?:blush:

What i’m doing wrong?

type: custom:mini-graph-card
  - entity: sensor.grow_tent_humidity
name: Luftfeuchtigkeit
show_state: true
hours_to_show: 24
points_per_hour: 2
color_thresholds: |
  {% if states('input_select.growing_phase') == 'Sämlingsphase' %}
    - value: 70
      color: '#FF5252'
    - value: 60
      color: '#69F0AE'
    - value: 50
      color: '#FF5252'
  {% endif %}

The first and last thresholds must have a set “value”. See mini-graph-card/ at master · kalkih/mini-graph-card · GitHub

  1. Templates not supported
  2. show_state - misplaced

I’m pretty sure you cannot template colour thresholds. I’ve also seen it work best when you set a min and max for the y-axis.

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So their is no way to format the color_thresholds dynamical?

Only if you place the mini-graph-card (MGC) inside config-template-card (CTC).
But I would not recommend place any graph card inside CTC - it will cause a full redraw of MGC on every change of any entity inside CTC.